Monday, May 14, 2018

Howdy Ho, ya'll!!

So I was looking at Jonathan's blog and I saw his tag, Star Wars tag to be clear. And at the end of the post it read as follows: If you are a Star Wars fan and want to do the tag, consider yourself tagged.

I figured "hey, I'm a Star Wars fan and I would like to do the tag". That being the case, get ready for, THE STAR WARS TAG!!!!! **echos in the background**

1. What color of lightsaber would you want?
Definitely a dark saber. They are really cool looking and make a cool sound when activated!

2. If you were in a space battle which one would you want to be in? Battle over Coruscant, Battle over Yavin 4, or Battle over Naboo.
I'd have to say the battle over Coruscant. I don't think Jonathan means this, but if he does mean battles that took place over these systems in the cruisers, I would still say Coruscant.
(like lightsaber battles)

3. If you could fly any spaceship what would it be and why?
I don't think this one needs discussion...Slave 1....hands down. Doesn't it look so cool!!
I would probably say Jango Fett's looks cooler before Boba changed it. :(



Just a different paint job but still.

4. If you were in a lightsaber duel who would you want on your team?
 Anakin Skywalker, Obi wan Kenobi, and If she counts, Ahsoka Tano.

5. What planet would you want to live on.
Possibly Coruscant...
The underworld looks like it would be...totally formidable!! (and yes, I did have to look up that word. It's not something  I use in my everyday vocabulary)

6. If you were a padawan learner who would you want as your master?
Probably Anakin Skywalker. Obi wan or Yoda and especially Mace Windu would be way to boring for me!

7. Would you rather be an alien or droid? What kind?
Alien...  Droids can't think for themselves!

Meet Wicket

Now I personally wouldn't consider Wicket an alien, but I looked up 'alien' on google and it came up with Wicket and we can always trust the internet...right????

8.  If you were in a land battle which one would you want to be in? Battle of Geonosis, Battle of Nabboo, Battle of Hoth, or Battle of Crait. salty. cold. Naboo...possibly, but most likely I'd pick said Geonosis.

Hope Ya'll Enjoyed!!!!


  1. Good post! I think I would want to fly the falcon.- Jose

  2. Thank you! The Falcon is really cool too! I like its targeting system.